about title

M. D. Weiss LLC, a financial consulting firm, provides its services to financial services executives and investors regarding credit risk management, regulatory compliance relationship management and strategic direction as they pertain to commercial and consumer finance interests.

A highly effective and well-regarded executive with a strong entrepreneurial perspective, Mitch Weiss can quickly evaluate an organization’s limiting issues in order to recommend the course of action required to meaningfully improve financial performance.

To do this work, Mitch draws upon his more than thirty years of financial services experience, at banks and non-banks alike, but always with a distinctive point of view—that of an entrepreneur. The recommendations he makes are among the first he would implement, if he were responsible for the subject business. The firm’s approach is thoughtful, thorough and respectful; the recommendations actionable. For this very reason, they offer to collaboratively develop implementation plans for their recommendations or to assist in directing the implementation itself.